Dragon’s Tale – The Real Casino Role-Play Game

By August 29, 2016Bitcoin Business
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Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin online casino like no other. Dragon’s Tale has been around since 2012 and is also one of the oldest Bitcoin casinos in the digital currency ecosystem. Its peculiarity has introduced a whole new kind of gambling in the gambling Industry.

The developer of Dragon’s Tale has tried to design a community empowered casino where gamblers could also enjoy the pleasure of playing an adventurous role play game while being able to gamble in the most original casino-based mini games ever.

One of the most interesting things about Dragon’s Tale is that anyone can open an account and start gambling without even having to make a deposit. You can easily open an account and try out this amazing game.

Subsequent to opening a free account, players will have heads of approach to get to some free bits. The most straightforward approach to gathering some free bits will be by asking the Soldier statues, which you can find in any of the islands of Dragon’s Tale. Beside this, newcomers will likewise have the capacity to get some free bits from different players, and complete quests with their characters. A Player can even remain close to the Bar and begin meeting different players, and in the long run, you will acquire a few bits. At the Bar, players are frequently talking. and you will, in the end, discover somebody smoking a cigar, and on the off chance that you remain close to the smoke you will likewise get some free bits.

Players can also go around finding special herbs. Special herbs can be found throughout the virtual world of Dragon’s Tale and then traded for bitcoins.

There’s a whole lot of ways for new players to earn free bitcoins, so if you haven’t visited Dragon’s Tale before, you should sign up for an account and give this game a try.

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