Italian Anonymous Bitcoin Group Offers Aid, Bitcoin Education to Earthquake Victims

By September 1, 2016Bitcoin Business

A group of anonymous Italian Bitcoin enthusiasts is leveraging the cryptocurrency to help victims of the earthquake that has devastated parts of the country. No financial services The 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the village of Amatrice late August. According to BTM operator Luca Dordolo, the disaster took out even the most basic of services: “Right now we know of 300 deaths and everything is destroyed: no bank and financial services, lack of everything, even water and electricity.” Acquaintances of Dordolo have taken the initiative to launch a campaign to help out the victims of the earthquake: “An Italian Bitcoiner group is launching a crowdfuding campaign to help central italian populations and villages devastated by the recent earthquake. They think that restoring internet would help a fast return to normal life in those zones, and they want to raise funds in Bitcoin to do that and subsequently teach to those populations to use Bitcoin for trades.” Opportunity to teach about Bitcoin A group of Bitcoin enthusiasts are combining their passion with a desire to help the victims by raising funds, re-establishing essential services, and teaching about cryptocurrency. Mike Tringali, spokesperson for the Italian Bitcoiners Anonymous Group Earthquake Aid (IBAGEA), shared the project’s vision via a press release: “The tragic earthquake of August 26, 2016 that devastated the oldest inhabited villages in central Italy with a magnitude of 6.2 and caused 291 deaths, did immediately put in action the machine of national and international relief efforts with the entry into the field of many forces to bring first aid and the restoration of the minimum conditions of life to the affected populations. While still digging to clear the rubble and save those who still are left buried, as well as tent camps and reception services for the homeless are building, they […]

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