Blockchain Executives Meetup in Canada to Work on Industry Standards With New Think Tank Called the Muskoka Group

By September 4, 2016Bitcoin Business

Share with: A three-day conference held at the Lake of Bays in Muskoka Canada which involved Blockchain advocates, theorists and policy experts held between August 24th-26th, 2016 has resulted in a a new Blockchain Industry think tank the Muskoka Group and a call to action for the Blockchain Industry. 1. THE TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION IS NOW One participant noted, “societies are facing a deficit of trust and deficit of opportunity.” We believe people, institutions and industries throughout the world need Blockchain technology and we must do all we can to make it available in every way possible. 2. GLOBAL COMMUNICATION IS CRITICAL We believe the broad Blockchain ecosystem must come together to expand and advance the way we explain the power and potential of the Blockchain. 3. LAUNCH A CAMPAIGN TO HELP OVERCOME MISCONCEPTIONS We will collaborate to create a collective and highly sophisticated communications program, or campaign, to help explain the Blockchain and work to clarify many of the misconceptions. As part of this we will take steps to support the Blockchain Trust Accelerator – an organization created and sponsored by New America, The National Democratic Institute and the Bitfury Group. 4. LAUNCH THE BLOCKCHAIN HUB Don and Alex Tapscott will explore funding launching a GSN “Blockchain Hub.” (See Appendix below about the GSN — Global Solutions Network Program). First is to conduct a research project to inventory, categorize and analyze the current blockchain ecosystem — organizations, networks and individuals. Identify key gaps and outline strategies for moving forward. Second, as with other GSN Hubs , create a set of tools for ecosystem players to understand the challenge of governance and help them self-organize to move forward. Third, to create a comprehensive “network of networks” to help coalesce the community. 5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE LINUX FOUNDATION […]

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