Buffalo Student Resold $74,000 Worth of Xanax Bought On Deep Web

By September 5, 2016Bitcoin Business

The deep web attracts people from all walks of life. One US student admitted he resold the drugs purchased on the darknet with Bitcoin. He also admitted to money laundering charges and is one of three people who were recently arrested for similar facts. This once again goes to show, despite technology having no bias towards good or bad, humans are responsible for their own wrong decisions. Zhe Wang, the 20-year-old Queens resident and a student at the University of Buffalo, has some dark habits. To be more precise, he recently started visiting deep web marketplaces . After doing some research, he purchased a batch of drugs – paid in Bitcoin – and resold most of it to friends. Hardly anyone will be surprised to hear it did not take overly long for him to get arrested. The Deep Web Claims Another Young Victim Although these facts go back to 2015, his indictment only occurred recently. In 2015, Wang held around US$74,000 worth of Bitcoin , which was a rather substantial amount of coins. With this money, he purchased Xanax from an unspecific darknet marketplace. As most people are well aware, Xanax is a very common substance among drug users. His primary objective was simple: resell the pills and make a healthy profit. While some people may applaud the entrepreneurial spirit, distribution of drugs is frowned upon. At this time, it is unknown how much the pills were sold for, and whether or not Wang accepted Bitcoin payments for his sales. Despite being Born in China, Wang will face the consequences of the US Justice Department. His parents and himself moved to America when Wang was four years old, according to DeepDotWeb . Once he was facing charges, it didn’t take Wang long to plead guilty to two counts. […]

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