Donuts for Bitcoin: eGifter Launches Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card

By September 5, 2016Bitcoin Business

Patrons of Dunkin’ Donuts, a major coffee and donut chain, can now pay with bitcoin by using an eGifter online gift card. Purchasers earn up to 3% eGifter bonus points. Online gift cards provide a way for bitcoin users to use bitcoin from companies that don’t yet directly accept it, thereby providing more ways to use bitcoin for daily commerce and increasing bitcoin’s use and acceptance. Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the United States’ largest coffee chains. eGifter also offers a Caribou Coffee gift card. Coffee Chains Embrace Cards Dunkin’ Donuts competitor Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, is supported by a Gyft online gift card, as well as Fold , an app that produces scannable bar codes. Tyler Roye , eGifter CEO, noted in a blog that the Dunkin Donuts’ integration was inspired by the coffee habit of the company’s employees. “The card was on our wish list since our first day in business,” Roye noted. “Many of the eGifter team members start every day with Dunkin coffee, also referred to around here as startup fuel. Those cups in our hands were a constant reminder that we wanted this card, so we are quite excited to finally be able to offer it to our members.” eGifter’s Unique Offering Roye noted that while other gift cards allow customers to buy from major chains, eGifter has a unique feature with certain cards that allows customers to purchase precise amounts. Should a customer buy a sandwich and coffee for $5.83, they can buy a $5.83 gift card and have no balance left over. By using bitcoin, they can save 3%. Users can also buy a gift card for someone else and send it to them a gift. Joel Valenzuela, an eGift customer and bitcoin advocate, wrote a post about eGifter’s Dunkin’ […]

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