Dragon’s Tale – A Casino that offers a new approach to Gambling

By September 5, 2016Bitcoin Business

Dragon’s Tale offers players a completely new approach to gambling . It is the perfect game for those players who are trying to find a place where they can enjoy a role play game while being able to gamble and increase their Bitcoins. Dragon’s Tale is where you can find games unlike you ever seen. You will not find the traditional games like craps, roulette wheel, or blackjack dealer like in other online Casino. Instead, you will discover a virtual world complete with original games that will give you an intense gambling experience and to attract casino gamblers and role play gamers alike. While about half of the games in Dragon’s Tale require deep thought and skill, the other half has a big list of fun and simple games. In addition to solo games, players will also find unique player versus player games, players can also organise their own events or tournaments that can be. Players that reach Level 10 can then create tournaments and invite other players to participate. These tournaments can have free entry fees, which the organiser can keep, and a complex game prize structure. These tournaments can also be organised to have no fees, but with significant prizes. Besides tournaments and events, there are lots of luck and skill based games where any player can participate and collect some coins. To find these games, players will need to roam around the Dragon’s Tale virtual world with their characters to find the game the suits them the most. Dragon’s Tale is an online Bitcoin Casino that has introduced a new style to gambling. It offers gamblers the chance to play the most exotic casino based games while being able to have fun and earn some bitcoins in a role play game filled with wonders. Visit Dragon’s […]

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