Synereo Unveils Tech Behind Its Decentralized Web

By September 5, 2016Bitcoin Business

Decentralized computing startup Synereo has revealed more details about its Technology Stack, as it also prepares for another fundraising campaign. Synereo said the Technology Stack, which is still a work in progress, is scheduled for full release in Q4 2017. The Tel Aviv-based project has been quietly simmering in the background for over two years. It claims to be the first such platform that will allow the kind of "industrial scale" decentralized computation and storage to run applications like its social network platform of the same name, which recently went live as an alpha. Synereo’s long-term aim, however, is to go beyond that flagship application to become a platform for any kind of app at all, removing the need for central servers from the internet altogether. To encourage developers to get on board, Synereo has also launched a grant program worth about two hundred thousand dollars US and paid in the network’s native currency AMP. The funds will be distributed to development teams who want to work on decentralized apps and the platform itself. The Technology Stack: RChain Synereo’s material describes the Technology Stack as a four-layer system consisting of (from bottom-up): new blockchain technology called "RChain" or "Blockchain 2.0"; a distributed storage and content delivery protocol called "SpecialK"; its programming language for smart contracts and distributed apps called Rholang; and then the applications themselves. The purported advantage of RChain over existing blockchains is twofold, which Synereo says makes it cheaper, faster and much more scalable. First, it regularly shards, i.e: subdividing into parts that can be cryptographically linked in a chain, but which do not hold all the data – thus preventing the blockchain’s storage size from becoming massive, as with existing chains. Second, processes run concurrently, meaning the subdivision allows different actions to take place in parallel […]

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