Seven Must-Listen Tech Podcasts For Your Next Commute

By September 8, 2016Bitcoin Business

Technology is everywhere. From the smartphones in our pockets to the systems that power our banks, technology is at the heart of our everyday experience. Luckily for those curious to learn more, there are a host of great resources for anyone interested in diving in. Below, seven leaders from Forbes Technology Council offer their favorite technology podcasts for staying up to date on the latest trends and industry insights. Shutterstock 1. This Week In Tech This Week In Tech (TWiT) delivers some of the best discussions around current events in technology. Each week, there is a different panel of people with varying backgrounds, which gives unique perspectives on how the tech world affects not only technologists, but everyone else as well. The host, Leo Laporte, does a great job of providing alternative views on the issues to prevent group-think. – Hubert Liu , Rigor 2. “HBR Ideacast” HBR Ideacast , which I listen to on SoundCloud, is an incredible platform for discovering new content. Why? HBR covers the context surrounding technology – how to build, use and profit from it in your business. It also covers topics essential for entrepreneurs from strategy and execution through to managing teams and leading change. – Tim Barker, DataSift 3. Future Thinkers Podcast Future Thinkers is like a tech-based transcendentalism show where hosts Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova analyze life through the paradigm of technology as opposed to nature. Technologists and futurists look at tech, bitcoin, sharing economy, and more as they relate to ethics, transhumanism, transcendent experiences, “the big question,” etc. It brings deeper meanings to my life as a tech innovator. – Gurpreet Singh , TalkLocal 4. Tekzilla I like Tekzilla because it covers such a wide range of topics related to technology within business but also entertainment, lifestyle and other […]

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