SIGAINT Adds Tor Relay To Keep Monero Payments Within Darknet “Borders”

By September 9, 2016Bitcoin Business

The darknet is attracting a lot as of late, and for once, it is not all negative news. Ever since some of the top deep web marketplaces started accepting Monero, there has been a growing demand for this alternative cryptocurrency. But SIGAINT, a darknet email service provider, recently added a TOR relay for Monero transactions. SIGAINT Is Quite An Interesting Email Service Up until this point, there’s very little information from how popular Monero has become on the darknet. Albeit Alphabay and other marketplaces are accepting this payment method, the number of deep web transactions is impossible to estimate. That is only normal, as Monero was not designed to make everything as public as the Bitcoin blockchain does. But there is another reason for this somewhat lack of Monero transactional information. SIGAINT , best known for their darknet email services,recently added a Tor relay for Monero transactions. In doing so, the company lets XMR transactions stay within the darknet in its entirety. Look at this as an extra layer of privacy, if you will. SIGAINT is one of the most popular darknet email providers in the world today. While they do receive requests from law enforcement to give up user information, they have never adhered to these requests in the past. Nor will they do so in the future, as they cannot retrieve the requested data in the first place. This applies to both tiers of access offered by the mail service provider. Even though their free tier is ad-supported, the company ensures all data is protected at all times. Information is stored in a secret location protected by the Tor network. SIGAINT only handles two servers acting as proxies, which contain no user data whatsoever. With no virtual servers or other central points of failure, this may be […]

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