Censored By YouTube: Vloggers Should Consider Decentralized Platforms

By September 10, 2016Bitcoin Business

YouTuber Philip DeFranco recently had several of his videos removed from YouTube’s Adsense program for “excessive strong language” or not being “advertiser-friendly.” This means that DeFranco will not be able to generate ad-revenue from the videos which were demonetized for violating YouTube’s guidelines, even if he boosts his video views or ad impressions. To date, 12 of DeFranco’s videos have been demonetized by YouTube for guideline violations this year alone, and DeFranco has accused YouTube of censorship. DeFranco’s channel specializes in Vlogs with his opinion on various topics such as Chris Brown’s police video . DeFranco states in his video on the situation : "It seems by covering the real, raw news story and not, like, watering it down, I got into trouble. How are you supposed to cover news?” DeFranco’s response So far, the YouTuber has not decided whether to close the channel but with YouTube’s strict three-strike policy on guideline violations it is very likely that he will be keeping his content on YouTube after saying to Vox : “YouTube is my home. Without YouTube I wouldn’t have a career.” Philip DeFranco has even took to Twitter to share his thoughts on this. At the end of his video, he recommended viewers to subscribe and follow him on social media to keep up with the channel’s activities. Update: At least 12 more of my videos have been hit and I’m nowhere near done. This might be part of the reason. Wow pic.twitter.com/2i6msEMv7M — Philip DeFranco (@PhillyD) August 31, 2016 After contacting YouTube, DeFranco received a reply on the shutdown of monetization on his videos and tweeted about it: Youtube: This isn’t a policy change, its just a notification/appeal change. Me: So before you were just turning off ads and not emailing us? — Philip DeFranco (@PhillyD) September […]

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