DECENT ‘Crypto’ Investment Paves Way To Decentralized Content Distribution Revolution

By September 11, 2016Bitcoin Business

As the growing trend of decentralized organizations and platforms changes the global playing field with the wide-spread adoption of blockchain technology, crypto-solutions have begun being devised for a diverse range of applications to solve various challenges. Now a Slovak team has devised a way to invest in a digital asset tapping the content distribution sector underpinned by a blockchain-based plaftorm. At the forefront of companies mapping out and executing such solutions in the digital content distribution realm, is DECENT that is headed up by two Slovak IT developers. DECENT’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which provides an investment route to gaining exposure to the digital token (DCT) commenced on September 11 at 1:00pm GMT. While those seeking to participate do not pay for subscription, they can create an account and join the ICO afterwards. Participants can use Bitcoin (BTC) or if they prefer other crypto-currencies with an option to use Shapeshift, which was specified in the ICO guide . Digital Revolution DECENT was birthed, if one can describe it as such, with an ambition to start a ‘Digital Revolution’ with the goal to change the way we share information and ideas all over the Internet today. Touted as combining the strengths of blockchain technology to enable ‘censorship-free’ independent publishing, micro-payments for direct exchange of value between content creators and consumers to boot, and a solid voting and reputation system – the DECENT platform claims to be positioning itself at the “forefront of a global movement” towards fully integrated, decentralized digital content distribution. Recommended by Forbes Blockchain technology concept incorporating a flow chart with man using tablet with currency signs and digital binary code flowing out of its screen. (Image: Shutterstock). Blockchain technology concept. The blockchain flow chart with detail message on Man using tablet with currency signs and digital binary […]

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