Tuur Demeester Defends Theymos’ Censorship of The Bitcoin Community

By September 11, 2016Bitcoin Business

Throughout the years, there have been a few people in the Bitcoin world who generate a lot of negative friction. Even though their intentions may be good, the way they go about things leaves much to be desired. Censorship in the Bitcoin world is unacceptable, and many people see Theymos as one of the culprits. But Tuur Demeester is supporting his “style”, which creates even more discussion among enthusiasts. To be clear, running a Bitcoin community forum and subReddit is a tedious task. While there is a lot of activity on these platforms, there is also a lot of spam and irrelevant news. When heated debates take place, a wide variety of opinions are presented. In a lot of cases, name-calling and foul mouthing are becoming all too common. Maintaining order requires some harsh actions now and then. But there is a vast difference between handling an unruly crowd and censorship . In the Bitcoin world, the latter option is becoming more prevalent as time passes. Anyone who speaks out against Bitcoin Core is silenced. Altcoin supporters get banned. People who voice their opinion may find themselves shadowbanned in the blink of an eye. Censorship Is Pretty Common in The Bitcoin World A solution had to be created, and a split of the Bitcointalk forums ensued quite some time ago. Bitcoin and altcoin discussions were to be separated, which make things a bit more organized. Shortly afterward, a new problem arose: what about different branches of Bitcoin development? Competitors such as Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited , and others did not seem to have a place on these social platforms. All of this had lead to a situation where the number of allowed topics on /r/Bitcoin may feel restricted to a lot of people. In a way, this is enforcing […]

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