Bitcoin Poker Making Noise These Days, Know Why

By September 14, 2016Bitcoin Business

Bitcoin is slowly and steadily growing and now a part of many online platforms and systems. Online gaming is also taken by a storm by bitcoins, including poker. Bitcoin Poker is trending these days, as the digital currency world is getting into online gaming systems and making life easy of many gamers and traders. Online poker industry also these days make use of Bitcoins. There are many online poker platforms now using only BTC as a transaction medium. As we all know Bitcoins are one of the easiest ways to transfer funds with very less fees. Many companies saw this as an opportunity and embedded it to make life of gamers easy. In this way, they avoid any transaction with traditional banks. Reasons for Bitcoin Poker Adoption There are many important reasons why people are inclining more towards using Bitcoin on online poker platforms. Let’s say if you use Bank Wire for transfer to and fro from the Poker platforms. There are a couple of hurdles, which generally users face. One of them is long wait for withdrawals and deposits to reflect in an account. The second one, in many cases there is a possibility of a transaction been rejected by the bank due to n number of reasons. Furthermore, users want to avoid any foreign exchange fees, and high withdrawal charges. So, when they look for an alternative, then Bitcoin is an answer. Of course, when you use Bitcoins, you get yourself prone to its price volatility . There can be nasty swing moves at time in Bitcoin price, impacting the investment. There are also users looking to play online pokers, but anonymously. However, it’s hard to achieve when you use traditional deposit and withdrawal mediums. In order to keep your privacy intact, Bitcoins can be used. It […]

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