Dragon’s Tale – Try Different patterns in the Vegetable Garden and collect Rewards

By September 14, 2016Bitcoin Business

The Bitcoin gambling landscape is full of Casinos that practically look alike. And that’s one thing that Dragon’s Tale tried to avoid since the beginning. By providing a 3D virtual environment and adding a role-play game flavor, Dragon’s Tale was able to create the first and only massive multiplayer role-play gambling website. In Dragon’s Tale, you won’t find any of the games you are used to finding in any other casino. Dragon’s Tale is not a conventional casino and as so, it offers a wide variety of completely different and exotic casino-based mini-games that get you quite addicted. Because there are over a hundred of these mini-games you will surely find one that meets your expectations and you can always try another one, that way you won’t get bored so easily. One of these cool games that you can easily find in Dragon’s Tale is the Vegetable Farming . The Vegetable Farming is a fun skill-based game that you can find in some of the islands of Dragon’s Tale. In this game, a player will have to grow various vegetables in a community garden. The player will also need to choose what plants can be in the same crop or not, because there different species of plants and many of them can’t be together. To come out as a winner in this game you will need to grow a lot of different vegetables and as they grow they will make strange and different patterns. The vegetables will grow in complex patterns; different plants in the same crop seem to multiply their output, as does the age of each plant. The games in Dragon’s Tale are very simple and extremely fun to play. If you haven’t tried out Dragon’s Tale before come along, sign up for free and start playing […]

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