4 Reasons Why Your Nation Will Kill Cash For A Digital Currency

By September 15, 2016Bitcoin Business

Yes, I’m talking to you. Yes, I’m talking about your country, whether it is Russia, China, or the United States. The more modern and advanced your economy, the faster it is coming your way. The discussions have been going on for a couple of years now on how to do it. The only question is when to spring it on the masses. If you are in a less than a state-of-the-art economy, like Pakistan or Guam, you probably have a lot more time left with the paper. Most of us aren’t so lucky. Cash has been on the clock in the most advanced nations for years, with central banks limiting how much cash you can get, even from your own account. Limits have been dropping to as low as 5000 units of paper in some nations, and even then you will have to surrender your ID or go through some level of interrogation. The future of money does not include paper, and here are four reasons why digital currencies will become your official national currency. Reason #1 – The best way to control a nation is to control its money supply Governments are all about control. Whether it is doling out welfare programs and entitlement programs or demanding taxes and regulating your ability to trade or live freely, controlling the populace is the goal. The modern banks work together with the governments to control monetary policy, and between the two, if one control grid doesn’t get you, the other one will. What you spend and where you spend it isn’t actively monitored, yet, but it could be with a phone call, an email, or an SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) at your bank. All of your online, ATM and debit/credit card transactions are on a server, and banks are already […]

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