iOS Update Brings Global Blockchain Payments via Circle

By September 16, 2016Bitcoin Business

Anyone with iOS 10 will soon be able to use blockchain payments app Circle to send and receive payments directly within Apple’s iMessage app. Circle for iMessage represents a major step in the evolution of social message payments in the West, similar to what has already happened in China . Circle for iMessage is available from the App Store. Users updating to iOS 10 will automatically have Circle for iMessage. Send And Receive Within iMessage Users will be able to send dollars, pound sterling, euro and bitcoin to anyone directly inside of iMessage. They will fund payments and cash out using many banks in the U.S., the U.K., and soon, Europe. The Circle for iMessage app will allow users to create an account, link a debit card, and send dollars, pounds, euros and bitcoin to any other iMessage or SMS/MMS user. Users who have iOS 10 will see an interactive app widget to cash out their payment to any bank account or blockchain-compatible digital wallet within the Circle app. Those users can also send payments using their debit card. Those using Android will get a URL to cash out and send their own payments. They can also onboard into Circle for Android. Users in markets where Circle does not support the local currency will receive bitcoin. They can cash out their bitcoin to their local bank account and currency using a regional exchange. Meanwhile, Circle continually adds new currencies, having recently added the Chinese yuan. Open Message Payments Arrive Circle for iMessage supports Cirle’s vision that money should work the way the Internet works; instant, global, free, open and fun, Neville and Allaire noted. People can share messages, videos and experiences with each other; they can communicate in real-time globally. Neville and Allaire believe money should work the same […]

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