Ethereum DOS Attacked as Community Prepares for Ethereum DevCon 2

By September 19, 2016Bitcoin Business

The Ethereum community had a small scare yesterday after a bug was discovered on the platform. The bug affecting geth nodes built on Go Programming Language was reported as a security alert of high severity on Ethereum blog earlier yesterday. The bug in Ethereum protocol resulted in the crash of geth nodes following memory issues. The issue surfaced hours before the launch of Ethereum DevCon 2 in Shanghai. The issue was determined to be a DOS attack on the platform, where an unknown user posted the words “Go Home” in German on a smart contract addressing the community currently attending DevCon 2. The Ethereum developer community has already released the Geth 1.4.12 fix, which was made available within hours of discovery of the issue. All users running geth are required to either update to the latest version or switch to an alternate client. Following the bug report, the Ether prices experienced a sudden drop for few hours before picking up again after the fix was issued. Ethereum DevCon 2 The second Ethereum developers conference is currently being held in Shanghai, China. According to reports , the main focus of this year’s conference is on scaling, state channels, storage, and security. The conference, attended by leading Ethereum core developers and community members is expected to contribute towards the future roadmap of the smart contracts platform. With mainstream businesses shifting their focus towards blockchain technology, it is imperative for Ethereum to ensure the platform’s integrity and security. Earlier this year, the attack on DAO platform that almost led to a loss of over $60 million has cast doubts about the reliability of Ethereum. The latest attack on the network hasn’t helped the platform’s cause either. There were few discussions about the regulatory environment and securities law in the United States, which […]

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