First Financial App Is Being Developed For Microsoft Hololens

By September 20, 2016Bitcoin Business

Microsoft Hololens is one of the most appealing technological inventions being developed right now. The company also acknowledges they will need a currency application to support transactions. Cinkciarz is the first company to be given the greenlight for developing such an app. But what about Bitcoin, as Microsoft accepts cryptocurrency through their online store? Can Bitcoin Play A Role of Importance for Hololens? There are some caveats to Microsoft Hololens in its current form and marketing strategy. For now, the device is only available to the US and Canada, making it a very niche product. While the software is currently being developed and improved, Cinkciarz is working on their currency app for the platform. In the latest Microsoft Hololens update, the technology giant announced several fixes. They also fixed the security of supported Internet browsers. Even though the Hololens is not widespread in Europe, Microsoft decided to partner with a Polish company to develop a currency application. Although the Hololens is touted as the future of data processing, the platform can be used for a wide range of applications. Cinkciarz’s currency app will enable projection of a workspace hologram. Users will receive the current exchange rates of foreign currencies at any given time. Functionality-wise, the Hololens app will feel similar to the company’s Windows Phone offering. Cinkciarz CMO Kamil Sahaj explained the company’s success as follows: “Thanks to a methodical, multidirectional growth, we’re able to offer our users access to our currency exchange services using state-of-the-art technologies. Experiences from developing our apps to AR devices, such as Google Glass or Recon Jet, enabled us to create an efficient and easy to use solution for one of the most promising pieces of hardware of recent years – Microsoft Hololens.“ Consumers around the world still have to wait for the consumer […]

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