An Australian Man Faces Charges for Importing Dark Net Drugs

By September 22, 2016Bitcoin Business

A 31-year-old, South Australian man was arrested for importing drugs into his country by ordering them from a dark net market. The man from Port Neill resident was taken into custody after the ABF and South Australian law enforcement fulfilled several search warrants at locations in Adelaide, as well as the Eyre Peninsula. The dark net has become well known as of late, being in the headlines more and more as users switch from the street to the internet to source their drugs of choice. Officers found 910 doses of amphetamine-related substances, 280 hits of LSD, and 72 capsules and 15 grams of MDMA. Along with these, the ABF also seized a large quantity of powders and liquids which they say are used for the production of other drugs. The man is being charged with a total of 14 counts of trafficking in controlled drugs. Acting Commander of the ABF said the arrest shows how much the country’s law enforcement agencies are now working together to stop drugs coming into the country via dark net shoppers. “We are well aware of these websites and take any attempts to import illegal border controlled drugs very seriously,” he said. If convicted, the man will face up to 25-years in prison, and a fine of no more than $900,000. As law enforcement hits these users harder on the street, more and more of the shoppers turn to dark net, which up until around 2015, wasn’t all too popular. At least not like it is now, with users spanning the globe, coming from what seems to be more than drug addiction, and criminal activity. Along with computer fraud and drug related items, users are also buying various prescription drugs such as anti-biotics, erectile dysfunction medications, and other things that are too expensive for […]

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