Bitwage Seeks to Help Freelancers Gain More Bitcoin-Paying Work

By September 23, 2016Bitcoin Business

Getting paid in Bitcoin has become much easier over the last three years. Workers all over the world have been using Bitwage since 2014 to help them obtain Bitcoin digital currency through their freelance work, even if their employer doesn’t offer that payment option to them, directly. Now, Bitwage has a new feature to help freelancers and others get even more Bitcoin-producing work, based on the work they have done, called Bitwage “My Employment,” or Bitwage M.E. M.E. is a payment-verified professional profile that allows workers to build an online reputation from freelance marketplaces and directly from the clients they have worked with to build trust and acquire new clients. By showing potential clients payment-verified information, all of which besides payments staying in a single currency can additionally be verified on the Blockchain , freelancers and contracting companies can prove they worked for the companies they claim to have served as well as to show how much other clients have valued their work. Review-based reputation systems are a far less accurate reputation mechanism than payment-based reputation systems. While review-based systems are very subjective and easy to manipulate with fake accounts, payment-based reputation systems are based purely on the monetary value a worker has earned and are harder to manipulate, as money needs to be sent to earn reputation. BitWage CEO Jonathan Chester Once someone signs up, users are able to leverage all of the payment reputation they have acquired over the course of receiving wages through Bitwage. The user can build a profile that shows their employers, ranges of how much they have been paid, how long they were receiving payments as well as badges. These badges include a Bitwage Verified badge, which can be put on websites, resumes and other profiles to help workers build trust off of […]

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