Play the Beauty Pageant and become the Ultimate Grand Supreme in Dragon’s Tale

By September 25, 2016Bitcoin Business

Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin Casino site where you can find the most fun and exotic casino-based mini-games in the whole Bitcoin gambling industry. Launched back in 2012, Dragon’s Tale was one of the pioneer Bitcoin casinos and the first to introduce a role-play-based casino. Since then the casino has grown to become one of the leading Bitcoin gambling sites. Dragon’s Tale offers gamblers the chance to enjoy a completely different and original set of casino-based mini-games that you won’t find in any other casino. The site basically offers three types of casino games: Skill-based, Player versus Player and Luck-based casino mini-games . Aside from these three types of games, you can also find several games which mix both styles. One of these interesting games is the Beauty Pageant . The Beauty Pageant is a Player vs Player skill based game which is very amusing. In the Beauty Pageant game players will have to compete to earn the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme in the Dragon’s Tale Beauty Pageant. In this game, the players will need to gather points and in the end of the competition, the player with the most points wins an enormous pot. To do so, players will be allowed to apply different strategies and by outshining a competitor which has been having a long winning streak they will be able to achieve a huge point boost. The beauty pageant can be found throughout some of the islands in Dragon’s Tale however, only players that can reach level 5 will have access to the game. So, if you want to try out the Beauty Pageant you will need to complete some quests first. When visiting you will be amazed of finding a completely new gambling style. If you haven’t been to Dragon’s Tale yet and you […]

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