Coincheck and E-Net Let Users Pay Electricity Bills with Bitcoin

By September 26, 2016Bitcoin Business

The Coincheck exchange is well-respected in its home country of Japan. Not only does the platform act as a convenient gateway between fiat and cryptocurrencies, but they also continue to expand their overall reach. A new partnership with energy company E-Net will allow for paying electric bills with Bitcoin. A great milestone for the world’s leading cryptocurrency. One of the most often heard remarks is how consumers cannot spend Bitcoin on everyday needs. Nor can they pay most of their bills with cryptocurrency directly, except in a few rare cases. Slowly but surely, that situation is coming to change. Over in Japan, energy provider, E-Net has decided to accept Bitcoin payments for electricity bills. E-Net Lets Users Pay Electricity Bills With Bitcoin To do so, the company has partnered with Coincheck , which quickly became the largest Bitcoin exchange in Japan. Ever since the Mt. Gox debacle, Bitcoin had not been a top priority for most companies in the region. But thanks to the hard work and dedication by the Coincheck team, things are slowly turning around. E-Net becomes the first energy company in Japan to support payment of bills with Bitcoin. Coincheck is also the first Japanese exchange to allow for such a feature. This partnership between both companies goes to show the future of Bitcoin in Japan is looking brighter than ever. Although this may only seem like a small step, many people deemed it impossible just a few years ago. To put this into perspective, Coincheck will launch Coincheck Denki. This “trading vehicle” will allow Bitcoin users to pay their E-Net bills with cryptocurrency. Two different pricing plans will be created, for both light and heavy users. The total value of the user’s bill will not change because of this, though, as the new offering will […]

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