Privacy within the Umbra

By September 27, 2016Bitcoin Business

Read a great story about your favorite cryptocurrency? Post it on CoinUpVote and we might write about it on CCN.LA ! Press Release: Software Platform Gets A New Name The goal of the Shadow Project is to create an all-in-one software platform for a completely private, decentralized, and free economy. The Shadow Project’s software platform has a new name, Umbra. An umbra is “a region of complete shadow resulting from a total obstruction of light.” Umbra has 3 main parts: Its built-in cryptocurrency, ShadowCash (SDC) — Finished! Its private communication system — Finished! Its fully decentralized marketplace — 92% Finished! Included in today’s software release, Umbra offers several new tools, encrypted group chat, and a completely revamped GUI. The update is quite extensive in its scope and depth. It’s much easier to check it out yourself than for me to explain all the features in writing. So please download the newest release, get synced with the blockchain and click around! New GUI Moments ago, I experienced a full demo of the new release, and I’m definitely impressed. I can see why this update took so long to become production ready. It is extremely feature rich; very, very advanced. It makes the last version of the Shadow Project’s software look like elementary school. This is the most advanced cryptocurrency GUI in the world. Nothing else even comes close. Complex cryptography tools are wrapped in an elegant and easy-to-use interface. You really need to personally experience this GUI to fully appreciate it. Nevertheless, here is a small preview. Above you see that balances are displayed in an itemized way: public, private and stake. There are great filters for displaying things like notifications. photo*RLVvv2FJZM18jAOIkKv1dA.png In the left-side navigation panel above, all the GUI controls are broken down into logical sections and […]

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