Coinsecure Partners with OKLink to Bring Blockchain Technology Based Remittances to India

By September 29, 2016Bitcoin Business

Read a great story about your favorite cryptocurrency? Post it on CoinUpVote and we might write about it on CCN.LA ! Bitcoin Press Release: Coinsecure and OKLink have partnered together to offer blockchain technology based remittance services in India. September 21, 2016, Delhi, India – Coinsecure , the Indian Bitcoin company announces a new partnership with OKLink to offer blockchain technology powered remittance services in India. The newly launched OKLink is part of OKCoin’s initiative to provide digital assets and blockchain based global transaction settlement system. With India being the largest inward remittance receiving country in the world, this partnership marks a huge milestone for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The partnership was first announced by Coinsecure’s co-founder and CTO, Benson Samuel and OKLink’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jack Liu at the recently held IMTC Asia Conference in Delhi. The landscape of remittance related opportunities over blockchain technology was covered in “Pioneering Remittance Opportunities & Challenges of Innovators” panel during the conference. Both teams from Coinsecure and OKCoin’s newly created network, OKLink acknowledge the potential of blockchain to transform global remittance. Both, emerging key leaders in the Bitcoin exchange space acknowledge the need to leverage the blockchain technology to expedite and reduce the cost of daily remittance. “We at Coinsecure not only recognize Bitcoin as the most important application of blockchain but also its potential role in alleviating global transaction woes and expedite remittance. Coinsecure is thrilled to partner with OKLink to provide faster and cheaper services to the Indian population,” Said Benson Samuel. Since Bitcoin’s inception, the financial and remittance sectors are taking a closer look at blockchain, its underlying foundation. The blockchain as an open public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions provides an open source global platform for payment and remittance companies to utilize. While speaking about the new […]

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