eQuid Builds on Bitcoin Technology for Greater Social and Economic Impact

By September 29, 2016Bitcoin Business

Bitcoin Press Release: San Francisco, Calif. — The mission of eQuid is to provide a platform for new currencies with specific goals to seamlessly be injected into the economy through labor, resulting in job security and a healthier, cleaner planet. eQuid builds on the technological breakthroughs of Bitcoin and other emerging digital currencies, but takes the model further. Why do we need eQuid? The world needs eQuid in order to mobilize available workers to solve problems that no one knows how to pay for. What niche does eQuid fill that Bitcoin doesn’t? Bitcoin first brought the concept of digital currency to the public eye, but the Bitcoin model only scrapes the surface of the potential of an innovative digital currency. The blockchain technology that Bitcoin pioneered will be instrumental in building out the eQuid network. But Bitcoin limits its own ability to create jobs or improve the environment by the way it is mined and then primarily traded for traditional currencies, tying it to the economics of the traditional money system. eQuid applies the concept of mining to accomplishing real-world projects that solve needs that previously have never been able to get consistent funding, rather than limiting the mining, and thus the currency generation, to digital coding operations. Why does eQuid need to do a crowd fund to get started? Crowdfunding campaigns are an effective way to raise money, but more importantly, they raise awareness and support. eQuid needs money to build the digital infrastructure that will support the network, but it also needs members to join the network. There is no point in building a new digital currency platform if no one is willing to use it. By raising funds a few bucks at a time, we will populate the network with users while building up the capital […]

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