MinexSystems Offers 4 Reasons to Join MineCoin ICO This Week

By September 30, 2016Bitcoin Business

KIEV, Ukraine, Sept. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Minex Platform has already raised over $150,000 in its currently ongoing ICO. As the ICO progresses, the platform urges interested investors to hurry, in order to benefit from its lowest price offering. Investors can now buy 1000 MNCs per Bitcoin, along with up to 33% bonus. The current offering will last only until October 6, 2016, after which the price will change to 800 MNCs per Bitcoin with up to 25% bonus. MinexSystems Offers 4 Reasons to Join MineCoin ICO This Week For those investors who are still undecided about investing in MineCoin, the platform gives them four important reasons to change their mind. 1. MineCoin Can Be Used to Buy Anything MineCoin is the cryptocurrency of the Minex Ecosystem. On this full-fledged blockchain- based ecosystem, users can buy anything, ranging from a pen to stakes in companies with MineCoin. The cryptocurrency is also responsible for keeping the Minex platform decentralized. The use of MineCoin as the currency of Minex ecosystem is further empowered by; a. Minex Platform A specially designed investment platform that makes it easier for the investor community to manage and track the progress of their investments. At the same time, it also helps start-ups, small and medium businesses, non-profits and even idea staged projects to attract investments. Minex Platform is a feature-rich platform sharing few similarities with crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. MineCoin holders can easily invest in digital shares of various companies with the cryptocurrency and also receive dividends over time. b. Minex Exchange It is a decentralized exchange platform for digital assets like shares, currencies, bonds, options, futures contracts and other derivatives. All these financial instruments on Minex Exchange can be traded only with MineCoin. The platform allows users to convert their MineCoin holdings […]

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