Icelandic Pirate Party Can Become Biggest Party On October 29

By October 2, 2016Bitcoin Business

Things are getting very exciting over in Iceland, where the local Pirate Party is gaining a lot of momentum for the upcoming elections. What makes this group of like-minded individuals so impressive is their favor for Bitcoin as a payment method. They also want to grant Asylum to Edward Snowden, and clean up the corruption in the country. Iceland is due for new governmental elections very soon. The Pirate Party is gaining a lot of traction as these elections draw closer. Their “us against the establishment” attitude has won over quite a few souls already. Bitcoin users have taken a liking to the party as well since they are very vocal about using cryptocurrency as an official payment method. Things Are Looking Good For The Private Party At the same time, Iceland has been cleaning house where the bankers are concerned. Several people have been arrested and are awaiting trial for their fraudulent schemes. An exciting development, as the banking system is under pressure from all sides right now. All of this is playing into the hands of Bitcoin enthusiasts as well. Although things are looking quite positive for the Pirate Party right now, they are not planning to do anything dramatic. While they have a clear agenda to end corruption and push bitcoin adoption, nothing out of the ordinary is part of their plans right now. Granting asylum to Edward Snowden is perhaps their biggest selling point, as many people feel he should live in freedom. What they will do is continue with the lifting of capital control. That doesn’t mean the financial sector will undergo dramatic changes, though. Stabilizing the Icelandic economy is the top priority for any political party right now. The Pirate Party can bring some much-needed political change, although they should not rush into […]

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