Dragon’s Tale – Try your Luck in the Rice Pond

By October 3, 2016Bitcoin Business

Dragon’s Tale is one of the leading Bitcoin Casinos in the Bitcoin gambling industry. It is a Casino that provides a new kind of amusement in the gambling space. The site offers gamblers a 3D virtual world where they can roam around looking for exotic casino-based games. Dragon’s Tale gambling interface is a 3D virtual world filled with simple and fun casino-based mini-games completely different from what you are used to find in any other Casino. One of these games is the Rice Pond . The Rice Pond is actually a fishing game, however since it differs from the regular fishing game it is called the Rice Pond game. In the Rice Pond, players need to catch several different fish and by doing so, they will be able to get combos and bigger rewards. Players need to get different winning combos of fish on the rack, such as 4 of a kind, 4 different fish and 2 way split. There are 4 different fish you can get, Snakehead, Featherback, Catfish, and Goby. Snakehead is the common, Goby is the rarest. 4 of a kind of the rarer fish pay more, but come up less often. The Rice Pond is one of the funniest games you might find in Dragon’s Tale, so I’ll leave you with a tip: when you get a combo that pays more than the cost of a play, drink a beer (which you can buy at the bar or through completing quests), this allows you to have that payout again, but it also costs a play to do, so make sure the payout is higher than cost. You may also notice different coloured smoke coming from the fish as you play. This indicates the fish’s age. On the first turn they are fresh, on the second […]

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