R3’s Tim Swanson: Out of 250 startups, only a handful look legitimate

By October 5, 2016Bitcoin Business

R3's Tim Swanson: Out of 250 startups, only a handful look legitimate

IBTimes UK speaks to R3’s head of market research at the recent Ethereum DevCon2 and Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai. R3 CEV logo R3 CEV To continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue. To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us . Tim Swanson, head of market research for the R3 technology group, is a divisive figure within the world of cryptocurrency. But whether you enjoy reading Tim’s views on the blockchain ecosystem, or he makes you a bit upset, no one can deny the depth and originality of his research. Swanson told IBTimes UK that when he is not talking to banks and financial institutions, he does a kind of private investigation work. "I spend about 25% of my time talking to financial institutions, either current members or potential future members. I spend probably about 30% or 40% of my time talking to startups or vendors. "That’s always interesting because it’s like doing private investigation work. The downside of this is to filter through the noise. You see all these startups saying they have some kind of product or some kind of thing – and it’s kind of fake it til you make it. "So maybe they go on stage and make some fantastic claims, but then they don’t really back it up – not immediately. Maybe if you give them some time, a few of them may create a usable MVP. But so far out of the 250 or so companies we have looked at, I’d say just a small handful have either a legitimate team or legitimate product." Swanson was invited by Ethereum to DevCon and gave a presentation at the Global Blockchain Summit. Rather than talking directly about the merits of private blockchains, Swanson returns to […]

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