The Top 5 Best Places to Spend Bitcoins

By October 17, 2016Bitcoin Business

One of the reasons bitcoin has been hard for some people to accept is because of its common association with use by dark net criminals. When I first heard of bitcoin, I thought it had very few other uses. As all beginners find out, that’s not the case. In fact, dark net criminal usage is probably the smallest usage bracket bitcoin sees these days. So, in light of this, I’ve put together another “noob” friendly list of the top 5 places bitcoin beginners can spend their newly gotten bitcoins. Bitcoin Store It’s your basic online store platform with one big catch: your payments are made in the form of bitcoin. Expect the same look and feel of other online shopping sites. At bitcoin store you can pick up bitcoin related items like clothes, wall art, and stickers. They also feature various electronics, as well as fine art, mining hardware, and the occasional random themed items. BitPremier If you’re like me, you won’t have the coin to shop at BitPremier. But depending on how much you have to spend, BitPremier will be more than just something cool to look at, which it is, by the way. BitPremier is a luxury marketplace featuring automobiles, high end jewelry and watches, real estate, and other categories. BitPremier sets its bitcoin value with that of TradeBlock XBX, which is an exchange. Even if you don’t have the coin to buy anything, it’s still really worth checking out. Gyft Gyft is a really cool site where you can buy various gift cards with bitcoin. They also take a variety of other payment methods. They feature gift cards from top retailers like Amazon and Home Depot, as well as Google Play, and places like Target and Starbucks. Their app is available on both Android and iOS […]

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