Dark Web drug ring ItalianMafiaBrussles’s leader extradited to US

By October 19, 2016Bitcoin Business

MB functioned as an underground criminal organisation that “operated online” primarily to sell MDMA to customers in the US and Canada To continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue. To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us . A collaborative operation of law enforcement authorities of four countries few months back had led to the arrest of four members of a Dark Web drug ring. And, now two of them have been extradited to the US to face money laundering and drug trafficking charges. Twenty-three-year old Filip Lucian Simion, the alleged leader of IMB (ItalianMafiaBrussels) and 25-year-old Leonardo Cristea, another member of the ring, were arrested in May 2016 and are currently awaiting prosecution in the US. Why advertise with us The arrests of the alleged ecstasy ring were coordinated by the Europol and the FBI. Additionally, the collaborative effort of the Belgian, French, Romanian and US authorities saw the 4 criminals, suspected to be a part of an illegal underground organisation IBM, arrested. IBM is suspected to have sold drugs via the once-popular but now-defunct dark web marketplaces Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0. Meanwhile, Ymran Djavatkhanov and Andy Nestor, two other suspected IMB members were apprehended in Brussels, Belgium. The US Department of Justice announced , "On May 3, 2016, in a joint U.S./European enforcement action, law enforcement dismantled the ItalianMafiaBrussels Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO), arresting ten defendants during early morning raids in Bruges, Belgium and surrounding areas. The extradited defendants, Filip Lucian Simion and Leonardo Cristea, were arrested simultaneously in Bucharest, Romania. The remaining defendants, including two of the defendants named in the U.S. Indictment, will be prosecuted in Belgium." IMB and its operations IMB functioned as an underground criminal organisation that "operated online" primarily to sell […]

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