German Law Enforcement Agencies Join Forces To Arrest Prominent Deep Web Vendor

By October 20, 2016Bitcoin Business

The deep web continues to make headlines as governments crack down on vendors of illegal goods and services. Another German vendor was arrested at the end of September, even though details were only released earlier this week. The 25-year-old man is suspected of obtaining and selling narcotics in large quantities while accepting Bitcoin payments in exchange for these services. Selling goods and services on the deep web is a very risky business. While vendors may attract clients from all over the world, they never know who they are dealing with. The customer could be legitimate, or an undercover law enforcement official hoping to score a shipment so they can get the seller arrested. Another Major Deep Web Arrest In Germany As far as this particular deep web case goes, no one knows exactly how this vendor ended up on the law enforcement’s watch list. However, he did catch the attention of multiple government instances, which may indicate he could be one of Germany’s largest narcotics sellers on the darknet today. The suspect’s apartment was raided a few weeks ago, and several items were confiscated in the process. With over 1,500 ecstasy pills, 350g of substances containing amphetamines, and 100 g of cannabis, it is evident this person was not buying drugs for his own needs. Such quantities clearly indicate an intent to distribute narcotics, either domestically or on an international scale. What is rather interesting, however, are the other items seized by the police during the raid. For some reason, the deep web vendor owned several tasers disguised as flashlights. It is possible they are necessary for personal protection when dealing with narcotic-buying customers, or it might just be another item this vendor sold on underground marketplaces. It is not the first time German deep web vendors bite the […]

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