Beyond the Void Creates a Blockchain Game Economy with Nexium Blockchain ICO

By November 4, 2016Bitcoin Business
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The cryptocurrency ecosystem has found the perfect partner in gaming. The multi-billion gaming industry is no longer led by some of the big game studios like EA Sports, Ubisoft, and Valve. Numerous game developers are coming up with their own creations across different genres. After Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs), the second most popular genre of indie games are Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. Beyond the Void is one such free-to-play game which incorporates more than just in-game cryptocurrency economy.

The use of cryptocurrencies for in-game purchases is not a new thing. Even before the use of Bitcoin became widespread, many games were using digital tokens as in-game currencies. With growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and other altcoins gained prominence over digital tokens as in-game currency for buying digital items, downloadable content and expansion packs. In the case of Beyond the Void, it is using a custom Ethereum smart contract backed by Nexium crypto tokens to create a blockchain-based economy within the game.

Even though Nexium (NxC) tokens are introduced as a part of Beyond the Void game, its usability can be expanded to other games as well. Maxence Burgel, the creator of Beyond the Void, has announced the launch of an ICO involving NxC tokens to further expand the use of blockchain technology in gaming. Apart from using NxCs as a regular in-game cryptocurrency, its possession also signifies a stake in the game. During the ICO, investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and gamers can buy NxC tokens and own a portion of the game alongside the developers and producers.

Gamers on Beyond the Void can use NxC to buy in-game items, own them and even trade them with others. In addition, they will also be able to trade the NxC tokens on some of the leading cryptocurrency platforms soon. The ongoing Beyond the Void NxC ICO is being organized in partnership with OpenLedger. The partnership offers three different options for investors to participate in the crowdfunding campaign.

Gamers and investors from cryptocurrency community can either visit Beyond the Void website to buy NxCs, or subscribe to the tokens on CCEDK ICO Platform. Another option involves buying ICOO digital token, which allows investors to buy into not just NxC but all the crowd sales managed by OpenLedger startup services. Those participating in Beyond the Void ICO through their website will receive a 5% bonus, but they will receive the tokens only upon launch of the platform. OpenLedger allows investors to purchase NxC assets which can be traded on OpenLedger platform right from the day of purchase, at an extra 4% premium on the going rates till the launch date. Based on the platform choice, NxCs can be bought with ETH, bitcrystals, BTC, BTS, SBD and even fiat.

By the end of this month, gamers and crypto-enthusiasts alike can buy a stake in Beyond the Void and share the profits with developers.

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