Events Like North American Bitcoin Conference to Faciliate Interaction Between Industries

By December 25, 2016Bitcoin Business
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First-Ever Latin America Bitcoin Conference Held in Buenos Aires. Bitcoin Events.

The cryptocurrency community is a close-knit group working towards promoting the use of Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology, and other cryptocurrencies among the masses. In order to achieve the goal, many events are frequently organized across the world. The North American Bitcoin Conference is one such event which is scheduled for January 17-18 2017 in Miami, Florida.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency events like North American Bitcoin Conference are instrumental in spreading awareness about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. These events see the participation of representatives from many industries and government departments, who get a chance to interact with who’s who from the cryptocurrency sector.

The topics in these events range from core technologies to future opportunities and the roadmap for widespread adoption of blockchain technology in various industries and governments. The representatives of companies and government make use of this opportunity to get a better understanding of the technology, which will come in handy within their organizations and job profiles.

Most of the cryptocurrency related companies and startups are currently faced with regulatory uncertainties as the governments continue to explore possible regulations. Officials who are responsible for framing the policies find these events helpful as they get to interact with the industry leaders to understand the challenges, future roadmap, and benefits of blockchain technology. By factoring in these learnings, they will be in a better position to take further decisions for the benefit of both the industry and people in general.

The fourth installment of North American Bitcoin Conference is among the largest cryptocurrency conferences. This year’s event is expected to have leading personalities like Roger Ver, Charlie Shrem, Jeff Garzik, Reggie Middleton, Valery Vavilov, Bruce Fenton and Andrew Filipowski as speakers.

In a statement, the director Moe Levin said,

“The North American Bitcoin Conference is curated to explore next-level, actionable innovation and technologies that you can start utilizing now… We meticulously scout the best of the best, choosing fantastic speakers to teach you about the strategies they’ve developed and the technologies they’ve mastered.”

In addition to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, the event will also be focusing on the aspects of investments, regulations, startups and the Internet of Things, in relation to the industry sector.

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