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By January 5, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin has always been a difficult investment vehicle for an average Joe, particularly because of its detachment with the ways mainstream finance trading work. The digital currency, which has recently been termed as 2016’s best performing currency — and commodity — yet gets sidelined because of a simple lack of understanding by the general populace.

But according to BitSea, the challenge of driving new and serious investors towards Bitcoin is easily achievable. The UK-based finance management company, which was launched in 2014 and is currently registered in Great Britain Company House, strives to simplify Bitcoin investment for digital currency novices, as well as for those who do not have adequate time to respond to ever-fluctuating Bitcoin rates.

“Our financial experts keep your money carefully and follow the trading opportunities in the market,” BitSea states. “Once there is a possibility of significant profit, our experts carry out the provisions of the trade and then divide the percentage of the profit to our clients.”

The company therefore comes up with three distinctive Bitcoin investment plans, each catering to diverse budgets’ and returns’ needs. These plans are: Starter, Medium and Pro. While the Starter plan enables investors to invest as much as 5 BTC, the Medium plan enables investors to invest between 5 and 50 BTC. The best plan, however, remains to be the Pro plan which has no maximum limit on deposits, thereby enabling investors to invest as much as they want, but just above 50 BTC.

The returns, meanwhile, are in proportion to the made deposits. In the Starter plan, an investor gets a 3.12% daily return, while in the Medium and the Pro plans, an investor earns a 3.6% and 5.04% daily return, respectively.

But what are the activities that enables BitSea to earn steady profits from the market? The finance management firm credits its wide trading portfolio, particularly the constantly expanding trading and mining that allows them earn profits for both small and institutional investors. It gets further compliments with a safe and smooth withdrawal process.

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