Chinese Cuisine the way to Bitcoin Rewards

By January 9, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Well who thought enjoying Chinese cuisine could come in handy to win some Bitcoin rewards!

One of the popular skill based game offered by the MMORPG casino platform is an eccentric combination of Chinese cuisine and Liar’s poker.

The game, Eight Treasures of Chinese Cuisine, as offered by is a game for the risk takers. You ought to dare as high as you dare to win big rewards.

It is a Liar’s Poker- inspired skill based game. Menus consisting of eight dishes are used in this game. These menus can easily be bought or sold, whatever may be the case, at nearby Food Carts.

There are eight dishes used in this game – Sea Cucumber, Shark Fin, Bird Nest, Deer Tail, Camel Hump, Elephant Trunk, Bear Paw, and Monkey Brain.

To play the game, each player needs to have a menu in their inventory. There are many Food Carts from which up to four menus can be bought. Each menu has a name or a number. And once created, the menu will have the same dishes throughout the game.

Two players compete against each other in this Liar’s Poker inspired game. The players stand on the opposite sides of the table and need to select each other to challenge before the bidding ensues. The menu selected by each player determines the dishes they will have.

The players keep on tipping each other’s bids by bidding higher than the previous one each time. The bid can be denied if the player thinks that the opponent is bluffing. Once the bid is ‘denied’, the two sides of the table are revealed and the game ends.

The denied bid is the basis on which the winner is selected. The person who denied loses if the bid was true or vice versa. The losing player not just loses the game but also the menu. has a diverse range of games on offer, and if you’re interested click here.

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