Roger Ver Has Not Come Through on Deal to Swap 60,000 BTC for BCU Tokens

By April 1, 2017Bitcoin Business
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Less than two weeks ago, there was some commotion regarding Roger Ver’s belief in Bitcoin Unlimited. To be more specific, he claimed he was open to trading his bitcoin supply for BCU tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Although the deal could not be finalized, Ver mentioned he would get in touch with the person offering this deal in the next few days. So far, this deal still hasn’t materialized.

Is Roger Ver Backing Out of The Deal?

The past few days have been quite interesting for Bitcoin Unlimited supporters, to say the least. The value of BCU tokens continued to decline and currently sits around the 0.16 BTC mark. Moreover, the trading volume for this token has dropped to 8.64 bitcoin over the past 24 hours, which does not bode well for the future of these tokens if bitcoin were to fork.

Some relief was provided by Roger Ver about ten days ago, as he agreed to a deal with a Reddit user. To be more precise, Ver claimed he was interested in exchanging his bitcoins for BCU tokens at a 1:1 ratio. The person offering this trade showed the world he controlled an address holding at least 40,000 BTC, which represents a similar amount of BCU tokens. This is a clear proof of confidence as far as Bitcoin Unlimited is concerned, although it appears the deal will not materialize in the end.

While the bitcointalk thread related to documenting this trade has turned into a bickerfest between Core and Unlimited supporters, the most important information appears to be missing. To be more specific, Roger Ver has not gone ahead with this trade for some unknown reason, even though he seemed more than willing to go ahead with it in the first place.

It is rather strange learning Roger Ver has not gone ahead with this deal. While it is true he never confirmed the deal would materialize, the mentioned how he would get back in touch with the other person after a few days. That was over a week ago, yet no further contact between both parties has been documented ever since. This seemingly indicates vet has no intention of going ahead with his initial plan, albeit it is an utter mystery as to why that would be the case.

Moreover, it appears other bitcointalk users have posted similar offers to Roger Ver as well. None of these offers have been accepted, although that was somewhat to be expected. One of the replies even mentioned the person offering this deal privately, although it seems rather strange he would not be transparent about these proceedings. Now is a good time to place all of the cards on the table and make intentions clear to the whole world.

In the end, some people will see this as a validation of how even Roger Ver does not believe Bitcoin Unlimited will succeed in maintaining a value equal or higher than Bitcoin currently has. Then again, there are plenty of other valid reasons as to why this deal has not materialized yet. It will be interesting to keep an eye on any progress made in this regard moving forward, albeit it seems relatively safe to assume this trade will never come to fruition.

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