MCAP Price Prediction: Analysts expecting $100 by the end of November ‘17

By May 10, 2017Bitcoin Business
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The first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – came into existence in 2008. At that time, no one took any special interest in Bitcoin apart from a select few developers. Bitcoin used strong cryptographic coding to make the transactions more secure, made the users’ identities pseudo-anonymous and made use of the technology called ‘Blockchain’.

Claim to fame

Owing to the features of immutability, transparency, security and that Blockchain has a decentralised structure, the idea of cryptocurrencies caught on and now there are 16,311,212 BTC (Bitcoins) in circulation with a market cap of nearly $26 billion.

Some predictions have been made that the price of MCAP tokens will reach $100 by November this year. The public is already excited about MCAP and has invested over $5 million in our token.

“Looking at the current scenario, I believe that by the end of November, the price of MCAP will easily touch $100”

-German Hedge Fund Manager

Many people have also started seeing Blockchain as a platform to host other applications. One of the most famous examples being Ethereum.

A sentimental effect in the market

The average users are becoming increasingly aware about the cryptocurrencies with some organisations such as Gnosis making headlines by raising close to $300 million in under fifteen minutes.

We’re also noticing a multi fold increase in the price of currencies such as:

  • Zcash
    With 1,233,644 ZEC in circulation at present and a total market cap of $135,378,831, the value of Zcash tokens is not dropping as more coins come in. Although it is early to tell whether this will change over time, for a currency that has only been circulating for a few months, ZCash has successfully moved the markets and the price of each ZEC token has seen an increase of nearly five times its value in February, touching a price of $107 in May.
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  • Bitcoin
    Bitcoin’s performance in the recent months has caught everyone’s attention. With the price of Bitcoin rising to an all-time high of almost $1650, people are starting to accept that Bitcoin is indeed a unique asset which can make the customers rich, leading to an increase in price speculations and predictions. Predictions are that by the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin will mark close to a 150% increase of its price in March 2017 ($1200 per BTC).
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  • Ether
    Cryptocurrency hedge fund managers are amazing bullish about the price predictions of Ether tokens. Opened to the market in 2015, Ether (ETH) tokens which power the Ethereum Blockchain are up 2,800% their original sale price. The price of ETH tokens has increased by ten times in the past three months, coming from a price of $10 per token in February to touching $100 in May. Analysing the price of ETH tokens over the past three months, Ether users have earned huge profits.
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Increasing prices of alt-coins

As Bitcoins will soon fork into Segwit and Bitcoin Unlimited, people are slowly looking for other cryptocurrencies to invest in. The demand for diversification of investments has led to people investing and trading in other alt-coins. Because of the increase in the trading volume of other alt-coins, their price has also increased and people have started investing in various currencies with hopes of earning huge profits in the long run.

Now, let’s talk about MCAP

MCAP is simply a mining and ICO token launched by BitcoinGrowthFund (BGF) which is a Blockchain based Venture Capital Fund. BGF is like a kick-starter where customers can own equity in the form of tokens in various investment opportunities.

“MCAP is best for people who want to earn exponential returns on their investments in the long run”

– Crypto Anlalyst

With the money raised through the MCAP tokens, BGF will invest in the mining of Bitcoin and other alt-coins along with the ICOs launched by start-ups which we see as profitable. Now, with the increasing market cap and daily trading volumes of cryptocurrencies, we at BGF see mining as an extremely profitable business and our development team at BGF has developed algorithms to help us decide which alt-coin to mine at any time to get maximum profits.

Why should one invest in MCAP?

The best thing about MCAP tokens is that they are designed to yield maximum profits to its owners. Instead of investing in various alt-coins and waiting for their price to rise, the users can simply invest in MCAP tokens and earn great profits. Since the daily trading volumes of cryptocurrencies is constantly on the rise, mining is certainly going to be profitable as someone will be needed to validate and upload the transactions to the Blockchain.

As the profits of BGF increase, the profits of everyone holding MCAP tokens will also increase and the price of the tokens will increase massively in the coming months. In short, users need only invest once and earn lumpsum profits on their investments.

MCAP price predictions for 2017

Hedge Fund Managers from Germany have been critically analysing and following the sale of MCAP tokens. Some of their research suggests that starting off at a price of $4, MCAP tokens will quite surely jump to almost 25 times their initial value to touch a price of nearly $100 per token by the end of November this year. Some researchers and managers have even concluded that they see MCAP tokens as a real and legitimate asset.

The sale will last until the 30th of May and given the current trend, the total investment made by users will see a major increase. Once released onto trading platforms, users who hold onto their tokens will get huge returns as BGF invests in multiple mining projects.

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