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Crypto N’ Kafe to Regenerate the African Coffee Industry

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Crypto N’ Kafe is going to launch world’s first Blockchain based coffee trading ecosystem, which will positively impact all the small-scale Farmers, Roasters, Traders, and Retailers.

Jan 27, 2017, Mauritius – With an objective to offer a full-scale ecosystem in order to support the entire coffee trading in Africa, Crypto N’ Kafe is launching a unique platform that will help the Small Farmers to Grow their Incomes and promote an Efficient Supply Chain. This is a phenomenal concept, which will impact traders, roasters, retailers, and end-users apart from the coffee-growing farmers. This ecosystem has been designed considering the technology paradigm shift in the society and to bring forth a transformative coffee industry.

Coffee market has grown globally at a significant rate in last few years due to various factors such as rapid urbanization, increase in the population with the emergence of café culture, etc. In spite of a diverse continuously mounting market, the challenges are many, which includes lack of government support and transparent transaction in the supply chain, low income for the low scale farmers, and many more. Hence, a platform is needed to address with all these issues.

With the introduction of Crypto N’ Kafe system, which is based on smart contract technology powered by Ethereum Blockchain, the existing scenario can be changed, and the small-scale farmers can directly sell their produce to the brands. Moreover, the non-transparent system can be eliminated for the betterment of all the involved parties.

  • Farmers: The need of the farmers to communicate with the importers in a direct manner in order to sell the coffee beans at a very cheap price will vanish. Instead of this, they can run the CNK Ecosystem to choose the importers, roasters, or retailers. Moreover, farmers will be free to learn the way to run CNK Ecosystem easily with the help of crypto-training mobile or web application.
  • Importers: This ecosystem will introduce entirely a new trade opportunity for the international as well as local traders with secure, rapid, and highly liquid payment and trading processes.
  • Roasters: It will become possible for the roasters to deal with the farmers directly so that they can get best possible prices without any hassle.
  • Retailers: Even the Retailers will take benefit of this platform by buying the coffee beans from all across the world at a lower price and freely select the best flavor for their coffee shop via in-house roasting works.
  • End Users: Ultimately, the End Customers will buy the coffee at a cheap price in just a blink of an eye as CNK tokens will be in the form of digital cash. They will just need the help of CNK’s crypto-swipe card or CNK’s Mobile Wallet.

With such ecosystem, all the challenges associated with the African coffee industry will be resolved, giving all the parties a better revenue as well as experience.

About Crypto N’ Kafe: Crypto N’ kafe, a Mauritius based organization has recently brought forth a fascinating concept to handle all the core issues in order to introduce a modern way to sell or buy African coffee.

Do not miss out the ecosystem, which will be beneficial for all the coffee lovers across the globe.

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