Ripple [XRP] and TRON [TRX] – Bulls waiting in line? – Sentiment Analysis – April 7

By April 7, 2018 Ripple
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Ripple [XRP] and TRON [TRX] - Bulls waiting in line? - Sentiment Analysis - April 7

A shred of relief to the investors as the market today looks green and almost all the cryptocurrencies are in the greenish zone. A bullish trend for the major coins seem to have kicked in at 1:04 AM UTC and the bulls have finally decided to take the coins up from the bears. The cryptocurrency market capital has gained some amounts due to this bullish trend. The coin market capital at 12:27 UTC stands at $258.661 billion.

Our sentiment analysis segment has been providing the readers with expert opinions from around the world and the sentiments from across the globe. This segment is carefully structured by taking the interviews of a group of investors, miners, journalists, skeptics, and influencers and includes their valuable opinions on the market trends that are prevalent at the time. We, in today’s analysis, are presenting the sentiments for two of the major coins in the top 15 list viz. Ripple [XRP] and TRON [TRX].

Ripple [XRP]

Ripple is back in the game with a gain of 3.42% in the last 24 hours. At 12:39 PM UTC, Ripple was priced at $0.485 with a market capital of $18.997 billion. It is currently ranked at number 3 spot after the most famous Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH]. It peaked an intraday high of $0.493 at 1:49 UST gifting it a market capital of more than $721 million.

Alex Stephenson, an altcoin analyst from Brisbane says:

“A bat pattern has been formed by the coin starting from the dip it experienced yesterday to the hike it got today. XRP is in desperate search of the $0.50 mark and we will have to wait and see if the coin can stay in the bullish trend.”

Mike Caraway, a miner from Detroit says:

“People are on the move already and the coin is still under selling pressure. My personal advice for you folks out there is to HODL as long as you can before selling it. The market seem to be steady and there are no signs of the bears as of now. But the past tells us that it might go down further. But an intelligent investor should HODL until a sharp hike is observed.”

To conclude, 65% of Ripple respondents feel that once the coin crosses $0.50 mark it will gain some stability and it can take it up further. Another 35% of the Ripple respondents feel that even if the coin crosses $0.50 mark it will come down again like how it happened previously.


TRON also joined the other cryptocurrencies in their price hike and it is now priced at $0.0377, at 1:15 PM UST, which is today’s highest mark till now. The coin has a market capital of $2.474 billion and is ranked at number 12. TRON has just moved up from the 13th spot and seems to be in a bullish trend. It is trailing behind Monero [XMR] by a market capital of $212.45 million. The gain attained on the price of TRON in the last 24 hours is 0.48%.

Cameron Evans, an investor from Swansea says:

“I have decided to buy TRON again today as I feel like this would be the right time to buy. The charts show that we have had a major ichimoku resistance cloud looming over us since the all-time high at $0.25 back in January this year. This cloud is thinning at the bottom from 21st to 27th of this month and from there we can expect a bullish breakout.”

John Howard, a market expert from Plymouth says:

“Two patterns were spotted which could take the coin down further but a reversal can be expected which will be of the highest degree in the long run. After hitting the double bottom last month, TRON seem to have never gone back to that mark again and the triangular pattern it formed was broken.”

To conclude, 55% of TRON respondents feel that TRON seems to be defying the boundaries and limitations and that is highly unpredictable as it has been shifting positions in the rankings regularly. 45% of the remaining TRON respondents feel that they just have to wait till the last week of this month to see a bullish breakout.

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