Tron (TRX) Versus Ripple (XRP): Which Crypto Takes the Crown?

By June 5, 2018 Ripple
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Ripple VS Tron

Although Tron (TRX) is better known as the Ethereum Killer, with having TRX’s own Justin Sun openly and publically challenging Ethereum even during the presentation in honor of launching the new Tron main net. That is how it might be an odd case to place Tron and Ripple (XRP) against each other, instead of going forward with comparing the rebranded Tron with the second-best currency in accordance with global coin ranking list. However, if you take a look at the other side of the medal, you will come to a realization that Tron and Ripple have the same goal, which is mainly to get a grip of mass adoption of their technology, and in a way currencies, so we can freely compare these two assets in order to determine which of the two, XRP or TRX will come closer to mass adoption.

Is Ripple (XRP) Surpassing Tron (TRX)?

At this moment, it is rather difficult to determine which one of the two mentioned assets, with an assumption that Ripple XRP and Tron TRX represent rivals, which was never publically announced or even stressed out, is better than the other.

That is why the initial comparison demands more factors to be included in the analysis in order to determine which of the mentioned assets has the supremacy over the other. For starters, we can say that Ripple is doing amazingly well with achieving and completing the goals the Ripple foundation has set for the future development of their technology and foundation, as well as heading towards the ultimate level of mass adoption.

Ripple is without any doubt focused on getting into the first lines of banking systems and financial institutions, which was going pretty well for Ripple and XRP by far, given the fact that Ripple scored some major partnerships that include Santander, Western Union, and MoneyGram, while also thriving in the field of mass adoption thanks to the mentioned partnerships.

That is how Ripple has as of the most recent events, joined OnePay FX, being the core technology of this application created and launched by Santander, which is also said to be the first mobile application for cross-border payments.

That is how Santander users in Europe will be able to use the technology behind Ripple to send and receive global payments via their mobile app, fast and secure.

That is how it can be easily concluded that Ripple is getting ahead of its game, while constantly surprising the public with the more great news, while having Ripple introduced to the mass adoption in the terms of massive use of digital assets and blockchain technology.

The only faulty regarding Ripple XRP is the fact that there are many people doubting in decentralization of the system, so they have doubts concerning the well-being of XRP in the market, often stressing out the fact that Ripple is not taking good care of its currency XRP, while often neglecting it in the name of Ripple protocols that don’t demand the use of XRP, xCurrent, and xVia.

However, Ripple foundation is taking care of both, Ripple and XRP, although promoting them separately and with two different strategies.

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In a way, it can be said that Ripple at this moment is surpassing Tron; however, Justin Sun has big plans for TRX, some of which are already coming true.

Is Tron Developing Faster than Ripple?

Although Ripple is older than Tron TRX, in the sense that Ripple was launched quite some time ahead of TRX, Tron is keeping up with the top coins with no problem at all as it seems.

That is how as of the most recent events, Justin Sun introduced the public with the TRON main net, which means that TRX just got its own independence, without the further need to stick with Ethereum anymore.

Although Justin Sun has never challenged Ripple, given the fact that they are working on mass adoption in two different industries, it might be interesting to see which of the two assets will get to be the first to get to its main objective.

While Ripple (XRP) is penetrating into the industry of finances while heading towards mass adoption, TRX is aiming at getting massively adopted in the entertainment industry, in which Ripple takes no interest.

Moreover, Tron TRX, with the latest developments due to the launching of the main net, alongside with a carefully thought through design of the asset before the initial coin offering, made Tron to resemble some of the Ripple’s features as the tea behind TRX held XRP as a model for some of their features, like low to no-fee-policy transactions, fast processing times alongside with scalability and liquidity

That is how Tron might indeed surpass Ripple in the market, while Coinbase might decide in the name of the public which coin takes the crown as there are many bets on which asset will get to be listed on Coinbase first, TRX or XRP.

For now, it seems like we will be looking at the photo finish here since both Tron TRX and Ripple (XRP) seem to be on top of their game.

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