Imagine If These Ripple Partnerships Materialise

By July 9, 2018 Ripple
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Ripple are the partnership queens of the crypto-sphere. Ripple’s technology is at the fore of banking technology and thus, any companies with any association with banking/money transfer will see great benefits from incorporating Ripple’s technology into their products.

This is why we see huge groups like Santander now fully integrated into Ripples back-end technology.

As a result of this, we have seen numerous rumours surrounding Ripple and potential groups that could benefit through integrating Ripples technology. Such groups include Apple, Amazon and Google.

What we need to explore is, if these partnerships do arise, what will happen and what will the consequences be?

Firstly, Apple. An Apple partnership would certainly assist Apple Pay as a money transfer option. By introducing blockchain technology to this area, Apple payments will be far quicker and far cheaper than they currently are. Moreover, a Ripple and Apple partnership could allow for XRP to be used as a real currency within Apple Pay payments.

Likewise, Amazon will see similar advantages to this. The Amazon Prime subscription could however benefit the most from this partnership. By using blockchain technology, products such as Amazon Prime could speed up and improve dramatically. Not only could we see XRP added as a payment option, but Prime payments across borders could be sped up, allowing customers in the UK (for example) to purchase goods from the USA at a far more efficient and cheaper rate.

The same goes for Google. A Google and Ripple partnership however could potentially blow the above out of the water, just as a result of the sheer scale of Google’s operations. Moreover, this would have big implications for Google Play and Android too, incorporating applications such as Google Pay and other payment services built by Google.

It is pretty clear to see why these partnerships will have a big impact on the aforementioned groups, should partnerships materialise, but we also have to consider what sort of impact these will have on Ripple and XRP. If XRP became a part of these partnerships, the value of XRP would skyrocket, there’s no doubt about it. Most importantly though, partnerships with these leading groups would help cement a very prosperous future for Ripple and would contribute to a far safer and far more effective blockchain adoption across the world.

Ripple could change the face of crypto forever. As it stands, we know this is exactly what Ripple want, therefore the only thing stopping this revolution is the consent of Apple, Amazon and Google. Perhaps we will see this sooner rather than later, who knows.

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