Ethereum [ETH] based platform’s AMA unveils multiple application of blockchain

By August 4, 2018Ethereum
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Ethereum [ETH] based platform's AMA unveils multiple application of blockchain

On 3rd August Ethfinex conducted the company’s Ask Me Anything [AMA] on Reddit for the users and enthusiasts of platforms such as Digix Global, District0x and The Abyss. This was so the community could clear queries and gain a clearer picture, including takeaways from the company’s future plans.

Ethfinex's tweet | Source: Twitter
Ethfinex’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Ethfinex is the home of digital tokens trading & discussion based on the Ethereum [ETH] platform. It is a community hub for developers, enthusiasts and traders to share, discuss and crowdsource information from across the decentralized ecosystem.

The Digix Global AMA

Digix provides a transparent, auditable and secure protocol that leverages the full potential of Ethereum’s peer-to-peer decentralized consensus system and Interplanetary File System [IPFS] permanent document storage to facilitate the creation of transferable crypto assets on the blockchain. The AMA was filled with questions that touched upon the scalability of the company and the transaction processes.

Shaun Djie, the Co-Founder of Digix, stated that the concept of transfer fees was directly related to the governance structure of DigixDAO and that changes in that structure will be analyzed and reviewed over time. He also went on to state that there are plans to tokenize commodities on the platform.

To a question about further adoption of DGX in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Shaun answered by saying that:

“Opportunities for DGX to be successful in the ecosystem includes outreach into different markets, being blockchain agnostic which may mean we are open to deploying on other chains, exchange listings (like Ethfinex). The ecosystem of stablecoins will only increase over time, hence our model, which is to work with other D-Apps in the space through partnerships, will be a key focal point in growing the volume of DGX once more of them go live.”

District0X AMA

The main goal of District0x is to enable users to create, operate and control different networks on the decentralized system. The District0x system works on Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS. P.J Leimgruber, the Marketing Lead of District0x stated that the District0x Network seeks to be home to a vast array of markets and communities. In accordance with this vision, d0xINFRA has been designed as an open and extendable modular system that allows districts to implement unique features and enhanced functionality via the plug-in of auxiliary modules.

To a question about the real world application of District0x, Leimgruber answered by saying that the main focus of the company’s dApps is user experience and user interface. He was quoted as saying:

“Our goal is to be thoughtful in our design and approach to the user experience to encourage more adoption from the casual or new user.”

The Abyss AMA

The company is a platform that functions to distribute and network games with the added advantage of a referral system. Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, the Founder of The Abyss, has stated that the company is planning a rollout into markets like China especially with the emergence of games like PUBG made by Tencent. He also stated that the platform will act as a haven for independent game developers and believes that blockchain would create a massive ripple in the market.

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