Blockchain Heating System Saiterm Introduces Its ‘Spring’ Device

By December 22, 2018 Ethereum
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Homeowners will soon be able to cut their electricity bills using breakthrough infrared heating technology by Saiterm. Based in Amsterdam, the tech company design heating products with the long-term goal of reducing domestic energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Using SAIEX Coin on the ethereum blockchain, the company has funded the heating device “Spring,” which proposes to be an efficient domestic and industrial heating system. SAIEX is compatible with the ERC20 standard, and there are continual updates on its smart contract to ensure a fixed price (1 SAIEX = 1 USD), so investors are not affected by market fluctuations in ethereum.

“We have enhanced the quality and performance of infrared heating systems, creating a globally unique product, thanks to the most innovative, exclusive and patented technologies on the market,” said Founder and CEO of Saiterm, Salvatore Morale.

“Spring” heats new homes and single rooms using infrared heating technology. Its rays transform every single watt of energy, and unlike gas or electricity (which heats air) it warms people and objects directly. It also removes stuffy air by eliminating excess moisture and mold formation.

Infrared heat also spreads heat more effectively than gas or electricity, and claims it’s cheaper than traditional models. Underfloor heating, which until recently has been considered one of the most efficient systems, is on average 236% more expensive to run than Spring.

Saiterm’s tests have shown that Spring’s panels (1200 x 600 mm) only need to produce 460 watts of power to reach over 85 ° C, making it the best ratio between consumption and heat emissions available.

“We believe that Spring represents a huge opportunity for homeowners to reduce their energy costs and protect the environment,” Morale said. “Gas, oil and pellet boilers have undoubtedly increased greenhouse gases over the past 50 years. By embracing our infrared technology, I believe future homeowners can live and work in maximum comfort while respecting the atmosphere at the same time.”

Available for domestic consumption, Spring is on sale in different sizes and can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, tablet and thermostat. Owners can install the device on a wall or ceiling, as it requires no pipes or maintenance.

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