Bitcoin [BTC] worth $70,000 donated to a Twitch gamer playing Runescape

By January 14, 2019Bitcoin Business
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Bitcoin [BTC] worth $70,000 donated to a Twitch gamer playing Runescape

A Twitch streamer called “Sick_Nerd” received a donation of 20 BTC during a live stream on January 11, 2019 while playing a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game [MMORPG].

Sick_Nerd is a verified Twitch streamer who has been playing Runescape and streaming on Twitch for more than five years with a total of 109, 546 followers.

The donation was made by a user “lightpuma” on January 11, 2019. It came in denominations of 4 BTC and the total donations amounted to 20BTC worth a whopping €61,687.42 or $70,780.20.

Sick_Nerd, overwhelmed by the donations, took to his twitter to express his gratitude. He tweeted:

“If that money is genuinely real I’m not going to be a retard with it. That’s a down payment on a house or something like that, no versace flip flops or anything I swear.”

In a subsequent tweet he said:

“Thank you to my mysteriously benefactor whoever you are, genuinely a life changing amount of money that I or nobody deserves but look what happened. Crazy”

The news of the donation reached Reddit eventually and a thread was created by u/araldor1. People on the thread were glad that the donation was in Bitcoin, and not fiat money which can be censored.

Source: Twitter | @WhalePanda

The creator of the thread commented:

“Usually when I donation like this happens on Paypal it’s a fake donation and the fee is refunded. Obviously with Bitcoin this isn’t an issue. Pretty cool either way. I wish someone would send me 20 BTC.”

WhalePanda, a popular Twitter user tweeted:

“Someone donated 20 btc ($74k) to a twitch streamer to keep streaming. I would run them a few times through wasabi wallet before using them or sending them to an exchange…”

Later, people were concerned about the donation and the origin of the coins.

Whale Panda eventually tweeted:

“If someone just sends you $74k for “streaming” a game, I would be a bit worried about the origin of these coins.

Sick_Nerd is […]

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