Bitcoin Evangelist Thinks BTC Will Get Adopted Faster by Integration and Conformity vs Avoiding Banks

By March 4, 2019Bitcoin Business
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One of the biggest supporters of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency in Melbourne, Australia is Dale Dickins said we need to promote the use of the coin for it to gain value. The BTC evangelist spoke in one of many interviews she holds across the country saying that she encourages BTC holders to use the coin for it to grow in value.

Dickins has been a strong supporter and follower of BTC since 2012 when she started working in an open source community but moved on to Bitcoin. The Melbourne based Australian conducts courses on cryptocurrency, setting up each participant with a wallet and buying some coins to use during the classes. This increases the actual value of the coins as they gain real value and use cases in the participant’s day to day activities.

Furthermore, Dale tries to push the fairer sex towards the field which is usually dominated by men. In a report by Coingeek, Dale said she tries to push the women towards spending of Bitcoin in ordinary situations such as buying coffee. She furthers her statement saying the trading and investing of BTC may be more volatile and risky than actual spending. Dale said,

“I explain that it is extremely volatile. The probability that Bitcoin will increase in value over the next ten years is much higher than that the Australian dollar will.”

The courses are slowly paying off as users become more inquisitive towards the operation of BTC and crypto than how they were before. The space is also shifting from an anarchical stance in the industry to a more inclusive financial system.

“The questions are changing, in people wanting to be responsible around tax – whereas originally people [had] more the anarchist mentality, wanting to avoid banks”.

The Bitcoin enthusiast feels the ability to pay taxes and utilities using cryptocurrencies in daily transactions will be a great way to keep the value of BTC standing. The value of BTC will be built through conforming by society and not alienation.

To promote the use realistically, Dale is used to tipping waiters and waitresses through BTC on condition that they have a wallet to store the tipped amount.

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