‘Crypto’ Movie Stirs Backlash by Pushing Bitcoin-Money Laundering Narrative

By March 13, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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Crypto movie bitcoin
Hollywood makes its latest attempt at a crypto-themed movie. With Kurt Russell in it. | Source: Shutterstock

Hollywood already has a sinister opinion about bitcoin, even though few in the movie business probably know much about cryptocurrencies.

The new film “Crypto” pushes the bitcoin-money laundering narrative — a stance that’s echoed in the few TV shows that reference virtual currencies.

The trailer for “Crypto” was released on March 11. The movie’s tagline is “fear is the ultimate currency.”

crypto movie poster bitcoin
The movie “Crypto” promotes a sinister bitcoin-money laundering narrative. (PR photo)

Plot: Russian Mafia Uses Bitcoin to Launder Money

According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database), “Crypto” is a crime thriller about a Wall Street banker who gets caught up in a global money-laundering conspiracy involving the Russian mafia.

Ooh, it’s the “bad Russians” again! How original.

The movie features Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth (the brother of “Thor” star Chris Hemsworth), Beau Knapp, and Alexis Bledel. “Crypto” will be released in select theaters on April 12.

Crypto Fans Annoyed By Anti-Bitcoin Theme

Details about the cyber-thriller are sketchy. However, the trailer has been viewed more than 312,000 times in 24 hours — presumably by crypto fans who recognize that having Hollywood make a bitcoin-centric movie signals that crypto has become mainstream.

The trailer was panned by crypto-savvy commenters, who were annoyed that Hollywood has demonized bitcoin from the jump.

Here’s a smattering of snarky comments on YouTube:

“Hollywood makes crypto movies that insult crypto, I noticed. This is all so inaccurate.”

“Great, they are making a movie about crypto, but in the worst way possible.”

“LMAO Hollywood trying to scare people away from crypto!!!”

“Russia bad. Crypto bad. Thanks Hollywood, for yet another original plot.”

“Nice social programming. They used to make better propaganda material back in the day.”

“It’s here. The dumbest film ever made about something the writers don’t understand.”

“Nothing about the tech or devs

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