BitPay facilitates international payments through blockchain for Center Source SAS, a South American BOP giant

By March 14, 2019Bitcoin Business
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BitPay Facilitates International Payments with Blockchain for Center Source SAS, a South American BOP Giant

The Center Source SAS has partnered with BitPay to make international payments and settlements faster with lower transaction fees.

Business to Business money transfers are usually plagued by high transaction fees while international B2B transfers, further have to deal with the foreign exchange rates. This are some of the problems that a new client to Center Source SAS faced which led to the adoption of settlements through BitPay.

This is not the first case of using BitPay by the BPO company as several international settlements have been made through the BitPay platform. The Colombia based company is focusing its efforts on the Latin market as most companies continue adopting BitPay.

To put it into perspective, the number of small and mid-sized companies using BitPay increased by over 200% in the past year while more Fortune 500 companies joined the train.

The magic of BitPay in international settlements

The benefits of using BitPay for international payments include low transaction fees and faster transfer periods. Comparatively, the normal bank transfers take up 3-5 business days to complete and charge fees of up to 7% including the FX transfer fees while BitPay settlements take a maximum of 1 day to complete with a transaction fee of less than 1% of the transfer.

Step aside, wire transfers. See how #Bitcoin #blockchain payments w/ BitPay are cutting days off cross-border payment times for Colombian call center Center Source: #Fintech

— BitPay (@BitPay) March 13, 2019

The partnership with BitPay allows Center Source SAS to increase their international market reach to their nearshore call center solutions. The Nearshore Outsourcing company offers its users full service business processing outsourcing in Latin America to improve the slow structure of payments in the region. The Center Source company focuses on healthcare and customer products.

The incredible speeds of BitPay and lowered fees offers a great growth opportunity for Center Source SAS to gain more clients abroad. BitPay also offers users with the exact fees they will pay abolishing the hidden fees seen in bank wire transfers.

Speaking on the latest partnership with BitPay, the CEO of Center Source SAS, Michael Biedronski, showed his delight with BitPay’s blockchain payment solutions. He said the partnership will allow BitPay’s payment system to provide a solution to the international settlement problems his company is facing currently. He further said,

“Working with BitPay has opened up our outsourcing business to the international markets, allowing us to pursue clients looking for nearshore call center services that accept blockchain payments.”

Echoing the sentiments by Center Source CEO on the benefits of the partnership was Alberto Vega, BitPay Latin America Regional Manager.

Alberto hailed BitPay’s increasing influence in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries in international payments through blockchain technology. He further said:

“We’re leveraging blockchain payments to deliver global business to business payments daily. We’re thrilled to be working with Center Source SAS, a true innovator in the near shore outsourcing space.”


Business to Business money transfers are usually plagued by high transaction […]

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