Ripple: Interledger comes together with Coil via the Puma Browser; IoV hopes heat up

By April 7, 2019 Altcoins
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Ripple: Interledger comes together with Coil via the Puma Browser; IoV hopes heat up

Capping off on what has been a very successful week for XRP, Ripple, the company behind the second largest altcoin in the market, has seen yet another integration announcement. The San Francisco giant’s Interledger system will now be linked with Coil via the upcoming Puma Browser.

In an April 7 tweet, Coil spelled out the announcement, stating that Puma Browser was the iOS supported browser that integrated both Coil and Interledger on its system.

The tweet read:

“ You can now take Coil for a spin on iPhones & iPads!
to @PumaBrowser for building the first iOS browser to support us & @Interledger. Upvote them on @ProductHunt + sign up for their Early Preview today. “

Puma Technologies, another San Francisco-based technology company is behind the Puma Browser. Curating the browser as a privacy-prioritizing platform, the company aims to compete with the likes of Brave Browser which enable the distribution of Basic Attention Token [BAT] when certain websites are viewed.

With the imminent launch of the browser anticipated highly by proponents of both the Interledger camp and the Coil camp, Puma Browser has been sending quite a buzz in the crypto-payment community. Additionally, it allows its users to pay for content and services while being free from advertisements.

The browser will nuzzle well between the two ledger protocols, with Ripple’s Interledger protocol acting as a gateway into other virtual-currency based trading and payment platforms. Interledger will allow the protocol of both XRP and ETH to work together.

XRP proponents are hoping that this recent coming-together of Interledger and Coil via the Puma Browser will provide significant impetus to their highly touted goal of achieving an Internet of Value [IoV]. Research Centre’s tweet pointed out the same:

“Interledger ecosystem keeps growing!
@html5cat announced a new privacy-focused web browser called Puma (@PumaBrowser).
The browser integrates both @Interleder and @Coil to monetize content via streaming payments.
One step closer to the Internet of Value.

In the midst of these positive announcements, XRP has been riding a bullish wave. As the first week of April began, the altcoin, riding on the coattails of BTC, added over $2.3 billion to its market cap in a matter of a few days. During the close of the week, the Nordic Growth Market, a Borse Stuttgart exchange subsidiary introduced Exchange Traded Products [ETPs] tethered to the price of XRP, which further led a 7 percent price pump for XRP.

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