Cryptonians Start Feeling Left Out For Not Being Sued by Craig Wright as Major Exchanges Delist BSV

By April 17, 2019 Bitcoin Business
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It used to be that a far better and quite unfakable measure of status was whether your Twitter replies were filled with scam bots promising to send 10 eth if you send 1 eth first.

Now, a likewise measure of just how influential one is, might be whether they have received a letter by Craig Wright lawyers threatening to sue for calling him a fraud after Wright claimed he is Satoshi Nakamoto by publicly providing a fake signature.

Feeling seriously left out that Craig Wright, the fraudster claiming to be Satoshi, is not suing me too.

Please help me I need 50k folowers so maybe then CSW fraud sue me! Haaaaaaalp me CT#WeAreAllHodlonautArmy

We Are All Hodlonaut Army

— ®₿TCɢʀɪɴᴅᴇʀ™ (@grinder_o) April 12, 2019

I did not attempt to sue @ArminVanBitcoin. My nephew was using the computer, please add $BSV back to @binance

Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.
Craig Wright is a fraud.

Sue me.

Hey @CalvinAyre, Craig Wright is a fraud. Now sue me so I can get my virtue bucks

— pied “king of clowns” piper (@siiickomode) April 15, 2019

There are countless of other tweets begging to be sued, but Clavin Ayre, the main (sole?) BSV miner who has some sort of business relationship with Craig Wright, is apparently focusing on Adam Back instead, the Hashcash inventor and the President of Blockstream.

Adam Back back got his letter from Craig today so he will also have a chance to tell his story under oath in a UK court. He must really be happy about this given how loud he has been in the last week on his opinions.

We’re not aware of any filed court case except the one by a BSV supporting company against BCH devs.

In this defamation matter, it would probably have to be a class action lawsuit if they go ahead with it. Wright’s lawyers would probably have to file a long list of defendants that might have to eventually be truncated to etc., with the status badge here being who is first on the list of defendants and who is actually named before the etcetera.

Then in court some law level cryptonian can represent all defendants while the important people get on with important work.

We then all have a bit of popcorn watching Wright trying to fool the judge with what might be fake evidence which here would have serious consequences because lying in court is perjury and contempt of court. Both are imprisonable criminal offences. Hence perhaps why no case has actually been filed so far. Although apparently he did recently lie in some other case.

The bluff however, at least so far, has had some consequences because almost everyone is now delisting BSV, the Craig Wright coin. Kraken said:

“Cryptocurrency is about creating a better world. At Kraken, we take this mission seriously. Our focus is on delivering the freedom digital currencies offer. Freedom from centralized systems, financial freedom and critically, freedom from oppression. Our vision of the future doesn’t work unless it works for everyone…

This aggression will not stand. Alongside other upstanding members of the community, and in consultation with more than 70,000 Kraken users, we have decided to delist Bitcoin SV. Deposits will be disabled April 22. Trading will cease on all trading pairs April 29. Withdrawals will continue until May 31.”

In the next thirty days, we will end even close out support for #BSV transactions. To use #BSV, go somewhere else!

There are far too many other exchanges to mention. Exchanges no one even heard of are now trying to get some brand recognition by announcing they will delist BSV. Then there’s obviously Binance, as well as others which never listed it like Coinbase and Gemini.

It’s a movement. A united community defending its own from an alleged scammer. He could have stayed quiet and maybe could have paid some devs to do something on BSV. Instead, he has effectively burned the entire BSV infrastructure as those exchanges that are leaving – and thus the market and the liquidity – probably won’t come back anytime soon.


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